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Luqman Rashad


I have had the privilege of working with  Mr Tekha Selim, Tekha for many years and on multiple projects locally and internationally. He has single handedly been my go to guy on huge projects that have required the perfect balance between culture and class. A truly international figure, who has accomplished great things in remarkable time frames, with a proven record of success.  A fantastic human being with a passion for winning, and a keen eye for every detail. He has truly been a pleasure to work with.


I have known Ahmed (AKA Tekha) since he was a teenager. In the past decade, I have witnessed him transform himself into the confident, mature, and sociable man he is today. Ahmed is honest, reliable, trustworthy, and gets things done. By taking my advice and pursuing a master's degree in the U.S., he also has developed very high levels of intercultural competence, making him an asset to anyone working in English-speaking and/or Arab-speaking environments.


Professor Robin Broughton


" Ahmed (Tekha) Selim is one of the brightest stars. I have seen come through our graduate Media Studies Program. An intelligent student, a talented athlete, a creative storyteller, and a natural leader, Tekha made a lasting imprint while at West Virginia State University."

Robert A. Cote, PHD 

Director of Center for English

at the University of Arizona, Tuscon

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